Janna Añonuevo Langholz

Founder / Project Director

Janna Añonuevo Langholz is an interdisciplinary artist born and based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has investigated her heritage as a second-generation Filipino American and the relationship of US Midwest and South to the Philippines through photography, site-specific installations, and participatory projects. By engaging her immediate environments and communities, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the social, historical, and environmental forces that shape the world around her. She founded Filipino American Artist Directory in 2015.


Gloria Shows

Director of Comics & Narrative Arts

Gloria Shows is a printmaker and fiber artist currently in Columbus, Ohio. Her largely narrative-based work is influenced by her multinational and multiethnic upbringing as a Filipino American born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, England, and the United States. Through figurative and landscape imagemaking, Gloria reflects on her own environmental autobiography which has shaped her current sentiments of placemaking. She has received a BFA from University of Central Oklahoma and an MFA from Ohio State University.


Nathan Beck

Web Developer