Kelvin Burzon is a Filipino American artist whose work explores intersections of sexuality, race, gender, and religion. As a child growing up in a Filipino culture, Burzon’s initial ambition was to become a Catholic priest. He has always been interested in the religion’s role in culture and familial relationships, and has been drawn to its traditions, imagery, theatricality, and psychological vestige. His work is inspired by cerebral influences growing up in and around the church. “My cultural and familial identity, my memories as a child, can not be separated from the church. It was an integral part of what it means to be Filipino.”

Burzon recently received his MFA degree from Indiana University’s School of Art + Design where he developed his most recent bodies of work. He received his BA from Wabash College where he studied studio art and music. He continues to push his work with inspirations from the past, recontextualized narratives, and imagery of religion paired with the never-ending stimulation and inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community. Burzon seeks to push the limits of his work by visually redefining and creating a new narrative for himself and those like him.